Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Recent Projects and More

Its been a few weeks since I have gotten on here to write a blog. We have had a leak in our flat and it has disrupted life quite a lot. Anyway we are on the other side of that now and life is getting back to normal.

After all of the stress of the week I decided to spend some me time to do a few of the things I love.

I love to paint and had great fun 'colouring in' this canvas with Acrylic paint. I am not sure where it will go now that it is done but I like it!

I have thought for a while that our couch cushions were looking a bit tired. So I set about making some new, probably more robust, cushions. I would love to have two more but I ran out of the material (it was just scrap I had in my material box). I might find some material that will go with it at a later date.

I am now working on a crochet pillow... and my rag rug is still just too small. Those pictures coming soon.

Its amazing that doing a little of what you love can put life back into prospective and make you feel better.

Thanks for reading!

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