Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hello Blogging World

So here it is... my first blog...

I am a young house wife who has a Faith and has a passion for being creative. These three things are the things that define me at this moment in my life. I hope to share a bit of my passion in all three areas with anyone who cares to read what I write...

I love the run up to Christmas as it encompasses all of my passions.

It gives me an opportunity to decorate our home. Putting up a Christmas tree and changing everyday objects to ones shaped like snowmen and angels. I also enjoy making paper chains and new tree decorations. Then there is the home baking, cookies and goodies which have been passed down through the family and now are made by us. All of these activities are things that my husband and I can do together. It creates a festive feeling in our home.

Especially this year, I have used my creative skills to make gifts for people. We are giving crochet candy cane ornaments to all of our family and I have whipped up a few main gifts for people too (but i won't spoil their surprises by detailing them here).

Finally, and most importantly in my opinion, it is a chance to remember the true story of Christmas. The story of The Saviour of the world being born into the world as a little baby.

I look forward to sharing more with you all soon.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Emily Mae xx

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Having graduated from The Glasgow School Of Art in 2010 with a degree in Textile Design. I have set out to create high quality, hand made crafts and accessories. I enjoy finding items to make which I love and think others will love too. Every piece is hand crafted by myself meaning that no two items will ever be the same. I enjoy using a range of techniques and materials depending on what the item requires. I also like to find ways to use scrap material and old bits and bobs to create new modern items.